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Spring Brunch Recipes

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Spring into the season with a simple yet delectable brunch. Our menu offers the perfect mix of sweet and savory, simple enough to prepare for Saturday morning get-togethers – but with a twist, just to keep things interesting.

Gather your friends for a colorful spring brunch.

Brunch is truly one of my favorite meals, a treat I typically enjoy on Sundays. It’s always good, regardless of the season, but something about spring just makes my cravings stronger.

Maybe it’s because I can finally dine outside – when those spring showers aren’t watering my May flowers, anyway – or maybe it’s because my favorite fruits are back in season.

Either way, I never pass up a good springtime brunch, especially when the menu is this tempting – and simple.

Pineapple Berry Boats with Raspberry Dip
Sausage and Red Pepper Strata
•  Monkey Bread

So, eat, drink and be merry this season. My guess is that you deserve it. Indulge in our tasty menu on your own – more for you, I always say – or host a spring celebration with friends and family. Take a moment to celebrate the season, enjoying the weather and your company – and, of course, the food.

Just be sure to do a not-so-pleasant spring activity before your guests arrive: spring cleaning.

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