A Wreath From Illinois Willows A Wreath From Illinois Willows

A Wreath From Illinois Willows

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Illinois Willows

After building a career as a floral designer, Kent Miles made his dream of growing fresh cut flowers and woody ornamentals a reality nearly 15 years ago, when he purchased a 5-acre farm in Seymour. Today he operates a year-round business, Illinois Willows, which supplies customers across the state and beyond with gorgeous, farm-fresh bouquets and wreaths created from the nine willow tree varieties Miles grows.

The company’s most popular wreath uses branches from red curly willow trees, which Miles says are the most photogenic and most impressive in person. They, along with the rest of the willow wreaths, can be used both indoors and outdoors. He offers them in small, medium and large sizes, and says they can last several years with proper care.

“The willow wreaths are unique products, and they’re all-natural,” Miles says. “They’re perfect for decorative use in homes and offices, and they make great gifts. Many customers also purchase wreaths or bunches of willow branches for special events like wedding receptions.”

Get more details about Illinois Willows at illinoiswillows.com, or call (217) 778-8312.

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