How Do You Balance Farm Work, Off-Farm Jobs, Children and Farm Bureau Involvement?

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I am a career-focused farmer, who loves to volunteer but most importantly loves to be a mom. I am the business manager for FS GRAIN, LLC, in Morris. My husband and I operate an agritourism pumpkin farm, and I currently chair the Illinois Farm Bureau State Young Leader Committee.

After writing all of that, I now know why I was asked, “How do you balance it all?” I honestly have never thought about it. I know many people say this, but when you love what you do, it’s amazing how you can make things work.

More than four years ago, I changed career paths from commercial banking to the grain industry. As crazy as it sounds, this became my passion through the people, along with the ability to use my financial background to better market grain. I landed at a company that created an opportunity for me to grow my career and be creative.

They also support my Farm Bureau involvement. I think that’s the key here. Support. Between my family and my company supporting my career and Farm Bureau involvement, my farm, family and career all benefit.

Kaylee Heap farms near Minooka in Kendall County with her husband, Kevin, and his family. They enjoy parenting their son, Milo.

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