Sausage Grilling Tips and Trends

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Sausage Grilling Tips

The owners of Gene’s Sausage Shop share their sausage-grilling tips and new varieties to try:

  • Before you throw your sausages on the grill, remember that natural casings often surround artisan sausages. These casings often break on hot grills, says Derek Luszcz of Gene’s Sausage Shop in Chicago. He recommends bringing a pot of water to a gentle boil, and then adding the raw sausages for five to seven minutes to firm the casings to make them grill-ready.
  • Try smoking sausages. Soak mesquite wood chips (available in most stores) in water overnight. Place foil on the bottom of the grill and place mesquite chips on the foil above the fire. The chips will smoke and add a nice, smoky flavor to your sausage.
  • Wild game sausage varieties that have grown in popularity at Gene’s include pheasant, wild boar and venison sausages.

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