Ludwig Farmstead Creamery Delivers Old-World Cheese Ludwig Farmstead Creamery Delivers Old-World Cheese

Ludwig Farmstead Creamery Delivers Old-World Cheese

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Ludwig Farmstead Creamery

Creamy and rich with varied textures and made with day-fresh milk, consumers can enjoy delicious European-style cheeses right here in the Land of Lincoln.

Ludwig Farmstead Creamery, located in Fithian in Vermilion County, produces handcrafted cheese using milk from its herd of purebred Holstein dairy cattle. The creamery makes its cheeses in small batches, and a few of the popular varieties include Traditional Dutch Farmstead Gouda, a Havarti-type cheese available in different flavors and fresh hand-stretched mozzarella, among others.

The farm employees focus on developing world-class dairy cows through herd management because they know that high-quality milk produces the best cheese.

Find Ludwig Farmstead’s cheeses on site at their creamery store, at regional farmers’ markets, and through select supermarkets, gourmet shops and cheese shops. You can also order cheese directly from their website, For more information, call (217) 213-3048.

Editor’s note: The giveaway for a Ludwig cheese prize pack has ended.


  1. Gina Timm says:

    Nice article, nice website, and your product looks wonderful. Our son lives in Hoffman Estates and shops at a Mariano’s Grocery Store. so I will tell him to look for your cheese. If I ever get your direction, I will have to stop in or else get some when I am at his house.

  2. Darren Grosch says:

    Yumm! I was lucky enough to have some of the Ludwig Cheeses at a cheese and wine pairing in Chicago…it was wonderful! Glad to see this is being highlighted!

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