Going Nuts Over Beer Nuts Going Nuts Over Beer Nuts

Going Nuts Over Beer Nuts

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It all started in the late 1930s when Edward G. Shirk and his son, Arlo, bought a small confectionery store in Bloomington where they sold, among other treats, specialty glazed peanuts. A few years later, Arlo’s brother Russell branded the peanuts as “Redskins” and sold them at a local liquor store. Eventually, he joined forces with a local distributor and introduced the world to Beer Nuts.

Today, the company, still based in Bloomington, sells the original peanuts with a sweet and salty taste, plus pecans, macadamia nuts, almonds, cashews and mixed nuts, among other products. Beer Nuts also offers mixes, including its bar mix, hot bar mix, party mix and an “insane grain” mix.

Learn more about the story behind Beer Nuts and all of its products at beernuts.com.

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