Get Your Caffeine Fix at Charged Coffee

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Photo courtesy of Charged Coffee and Cocoa Shop

Henry County Farm Bureau members Mike and Andrea Rascher saw a need for good coffee in their hometown of Orion, so they did something about it. They worked tirelessly to convert a vintage camper into a coffee shop, and their hard work paid off. People from miles around flocked to Charged Coffee and Cocoa Shop. After several months, they started to receive requests for flavored energy drinks, so they added those to the menu as well.

Photo courtesy of Charged Coffee and Cocoa Shop

Charged has continued to grow in popularity, so Mike and Andrea have expanded to a brick-and-mortar store. The new shop will provide a place for customers to sit down and enjoy their coffee, cocoa, energy drinks and even ice cream (a new addition to the menu). The original camper will still be a part of the business, moving to a new location and showing up for special events like fairs, sporting events, farmers’ markets and more.

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