B's Country Special is Mixing It Up With Soy B's Country Special is Mixing It Up With Soy

Mix It Up With B’s Country Special Soy Snacks

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These snack mixes are perfect for a car ride to Grandma’s or a light nibble after a big Thanksgiving dinner. B’s Country Special, located in Abingdon, keeps it healthy with its 100-percent natural soybean snack mixes. Each mix is high in fiber and protein with no cholesterol, and the ingredients come from Midwestern farmers.

B's Country Special Soy Snacks

This holiday season, consider the Sweet Holiday Chex Mix, a satisfying blend of soybeans, caramel coating, white pretzels and chocolate chips. Or try the unique homemade Soynut Brittle, which has 60-percent less fat than peanut brittleand is served in a holiday container. Other popular items include the Harvest Mix (with corn, soybeans and sunflower seeds), Trail Mix and the Tailgate Mix.

Learn more about B’s Country Special on its website.

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