4 No-Cook Summer Recipes

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On a sweltering summer night, who wants to cook? Not me! When the temperature soars, I resist the urge to speed-dial carryout by serving no-cook meals. Employing two simple strategies guarantees your family will enjoy a healthy and tasty meal in minutes. For starters, delight in your deli counter and splurge on precooked proteins like chicken or turkey. Many come deboned and shredded. Also, learn to love leftovers, or should I say, planned overs. That way you can transform last night’s pasta into a refreshing salad loaded with veggies. Here are four of my favorite assemble-and-eat, no-cook dinners.

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Gazpacho with Goat Cheese Toast

Photo by Jeffrey S. Otto

What’s in your garden? Toss tomatoes, peppers, onions, cucumbers – whatever you can into a food processor and whip up a batch of Garden Fresh Gazpacho. It’s like eating salad with a spoon. For maximum flavor, use vine-ripened tomatoes and adjust the seasoning after chilling. To add crunch, serve it with goat cheese toast. Add a smear of goat cheese to Italian bread toasted extra crisp.

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