Wanted: Field Moms for Illinois Farm Families Wanted: Field Moms for Illinois Farm Families

Wanted: Field Moms for Illinois Farm Families

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Are you an urban or suburban mom who is curious about how your family’s food is grown? Do you have questions about food safety? Have your buying habits been impacted by what you’ve read about practices on today’s farms? Over the next year, Illinois Farm Families will offer the opportunity for a group of moms to tour Illinois farms and get answers to their food questions from the farmers themselves. See videos, read blogs about the 2012 field moms’ experiences and find an application for 2013 field moms at www.watchusgrow.org.

Illinois Farm Families Field Moms

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Each month Illinois Farm Families sends an email to subscribers who are interested in learning more about food and farming. The emails cover current topics from the points of view of both farmers and the field moms. They also often include recipes, coupons and special offers. To subscribe, sign up at www.watchusgrow.org/AboutUs.htm.

About Illinois Farm Families
Illinois Farm Families are Illinois farmers who support Illinois Pork Producers Association, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Illinois Soybean Association, Illinois Beef Association and Illinois Farm Bureau through farmer membership and checkoff programs. We are committed to having conversations with consumers, answering their questions about food, farmers and farming, and sharing what really happens on today’s Illinois family farms. More than 94 percent of Illinois farms are family owned and operated. We are passionate about showing consumers how we grow safe, healthy food for their families and ours.

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