Vetting Your Veterinarian Careers Vetting Your Veterinarian Careers

Vetting Your Career

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When most people think of vets, they picture animal doctors who care for cats and dogs. But cows, pigs and other livestock need veterinarians just as much as their domestic counterparts.

However, at the state’s only vet school, the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, just 10 percent of students study large animal medicine, according to the Illinois Farm Bureau. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau anticipates a possible national shortage of 15,000 veterinarians by 2025, with a majority of that need occurring in rural areas.

To encourage veterinary students to pursue a career in caring for farm animals, Illinois Farm Bureau has implemented a program to help offset the high cost of education. The Illinois Veterinary Education & Training (IVET) program offers low-interest loans and stipends during vet school in exchange for students committing to an Illinois food animal practice and working in this field for five years.

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