Start a Garden in Six Simple Steps Start a Garden in Six Simple Steps

Start a Garden in Six Simple Steps

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Abbot Walafrid Strabo encouraged everyone to get a garden. “What kind you may get matters not,” he said.

The good abbot lived in the ninth century, but his advice stands today. In fact, you won’t find a better time to “get a garden” than spring. Nurseries and even nongarden-related businesses stock their grounds with trees, shrubs, transplants, seeds, soil amendments (compost and composted manure), fertilizer and tools.

Will your new garden grow vegetables, annuals, perennials, herbs, in sun, shade, containers or a combination? Gardens don’t necessarily have to be dedicated to one type of plant. Mixing vegetables in with flowers works just fine. Start your own garden in six easy steps:

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1. When deciding what to grow where, pick plants that require the same growing conditions, meaning the same light, water and drainage requirements. Choose your site with the same needs in mind. Trying to grow sun-loving vegetables on a heavily wooded shady lot risks failure.

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