Mulch or Cover Outdoor Plants This Winter

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When the temperature drops, don’t forget to take care of your outdoor plants so they will be healthy when spring comes. Here are some tips for protecting your plants in the winter:

  • Mulching is one of the best ways to protect plant roots. The mulch should be about 2 inches in depth and an inch or two away from the trunk or main stem of the trees and shrubs. Once a month, check through the mulch to be sure moisture is getting to the soil below. This is especially important for plants that are situated under the eaves of the house, where the soil is likely to dry out.
  • Covering your plants protects the foliage of broadleaf evergreen shrubs. Place three or four stakes around the plant, then drape some type of cloth material over the stakes, being careful that the cloth does not come in contact and freeze on the leaves. The covering should only be left in place during the cold spell. Burlap, old blankets and sheets work best.

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