Mobile App Helps Consumers Find Seasonal Produce

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Illinois residents can find in-season, farm-fresh produce with just a tap of their finger, thanks to the new “What’s in Season” app, developed by Market Maker, the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the Illinois Farmers Market Association.

The app shows consumers what fruits and vegetables are currently in season, as well as where they can find them. It uses the date to change with the growing seasons, so apples, for example, won’t be listed in April.

Users can “zoom in” on a specific area in the state and search for a specific crop. The app will find a farmer or location that grows that crop, and it also maps local farmers’ markets.

The app is still in development, but interested users can visit the website,, for details on the launch, as well as to find farmers in their area.

And if you’re looking to see what’s in season during the year in Illinois, check out this handy produce chart below, which tells you exactly what months certain crops are in season.

Illinois produce chart

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