Suburban Moms Tour Illinois Farms with Illinois Farm Families

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Illinois Farm Families Field Moms at Lindale Farms

Are you a suburban mom who wants to know more about where your family’s food comes from? Farm families across the state are opening their doors to the city moms – whom they’ve dubbed “Field Moms” – to show what really happens on today’s family-run farms.

The website,, aims to share Illinois farm information with non-farmers. In a series of videos on the site, the Field Moms ask farmers about animal care, antibiotics and other issues.

The website also features profiles on family farmers, blog posts written by the Field Moms and an FAQ section. Watch Us Grow is operated by Illinois Farm Families, a statewide communications program of the Illinois Beef Association, Illinois Corn Marketing Board, Illinois Soybean Association, Illinois Pork Producers Association and Illinois Farm Bureau.

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