How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

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Christmas Tree Farms

Keep the holiday spirit alive by recycling your Christmas tree this year.

Unlike their fake counterparts, real Christmas trees are biodegradable and won’t clog up landfills for years to come. If you have concerns about chopping down a tree, rest easy – Christmas tree growers replant new trees to replace the ones sold during the holidays.

Not only are live trees visually appealing, but when recycled, they can help the environment. Many park districts and wildlife areas collect the trees to dispose of them in lakes, where they create reefs to provide habitats for smaller fish.

You can also use the dead needles from your tree as mulch, or recycle them locally, where they may get sent through a wood chipper and turned into mulch for use in local parks. Most communities offer designated pickup or drop-off times in the weeks following Christmas, so check with your local city or town government for details.

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