How Does Technology Impact Your Farm Planning Efforts and Improve the Bottom Line?

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Jeremy Wolf and his wife, Mallory

Efficiency. That is the first word that comes to mind when I hear the word technology in relation to agriculture. In all aspects of farming, technology has improved our efficiency, whether it be by knowing where each individual seed will be planted or tracking our yields from each field to make the best management decisions.

On the farm planning side of the business, technology helps with tracking financials, seed and chemicals, inventory and field management. With this planning, we can dive into the micromanagement of various operations on the farm. This, in turn, attributes to a more efficient bottom line.

Technology has integrated its way into every aspect of agriculture. Each part has its significance to every individual’s operation. In this day and age, using technology in the right way can give farmers the edge needed to be successful in this environment.

Jeremy Wolf serves on the Illinois Farm Bureau State Young Leader Committee. He and his wife, Mallory, live on a family farm near Dixon in Lee County. Wolf farms and operates Wolf Farms Precision, a precision planting dealership, with his dad and brother.

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