Farm Facts About Horseradish Farm Facts About Horseradish

Farm Focus: Horseradish

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The most recent figures show that Illinois harvests nearly 1,800 acres of horseradish annually. Learn more about the state's important sector: 

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• Horseradish thrives in Illinois thanks to fertile soils, a suitable climate and farmers skilled in special growth methods.
• The hot flavor of horseradish becomes more pronounced when grating or grinding the root, which releases the highly volatile oils.

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  1. Corinna Robatzek says:

    We are ERICH TRAPP GmbH & Co. KG, a Company located in Germany and are mostly interested in importing fresh horseradish roots from the USA for our own production. Please be so kind sending us information where we may find either farmers or companies interested in exporting fresh horseradish. Thank you in advance and best regards,
    Corinna Robatzek – Management Assistant

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