TreeHouse Wildlife Center: Saving Animals for 40 Years

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TreeHouse Wildlife Center

Photo courtesy of TreeHouse Wildlife Center

Located in Dow, Illinois, the nonprofit TreeHouse Wildlife Center has the mission of rehabilitating sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. Its facilities span 8.5 acres and house a variety of animals, from birds (such as bald eagles and owls) to mammals (such as foxes and coyotes) to reptiles and amphibians (such as snakes and turtles). TreeHouse has a strong partnership with the farming community and welcomes those who want to offer up their property as a release site for healed animals. For the wildlife whose injuries are too severe to be released back into the wild, TreeHouse provides a permanent home.

Photo courtesy of TreeHouse Wildlife Center

This year marks 40 years of service, education and rehabilitation. Anyone interested in volunteering can find plenty of opportunities, including animal care, construction or maintenance, fundraising, educating, gardening, and transportation. Learn more at or by calling (618) 466-2990.

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