Snowmobiles Fire Follows January Snow in Illinois

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Courtesy of Flickr user Grand River Conservation Authority

Many parts of Illinois now have plenty of snowpack to enjoy some outdoor winter activities. And there are a few reminders from the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

“Snowmobile safety is of particular importance,” said the agency’s Tim Schweizer. “We’ve only had a handful of minor incidents reported in most of the state so far this winter involving snowmobiles, but we did have a fatality this past weekend.”

In that deadly accident, a person was riding a snowmobile and struck an obstruction and suffered fatal injuries.

“That reminds us to remind snowmobile operators to use extreme caution when they’re on their sleds,” Schweizer said during a recent visit with RFD Radio’s Town & Country Partners. “Always operate a snowmobile as you would any other vehicle and that means sober.”

Proper clothing is also important when operating a snowmobile.

“One thing you never want to do while you’re on a snowmobile is have a long scarf on that can be caught in the moving parts of the snowmobile,” Schweizer said.

You should know your route before traveling and you should also ride in groups.

“Make sure you use the buddy system so that should there be an incident someone could call for help and get you the help they need,” Schweizer said. “And don’t snowmobile on someone else’s property without their permission.”

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