Unique Fare at the Illinois State Fair

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There are few better places for chefs to stretch their culinary legs than at a state fair.

Meat Man Parfait at the Illinois State Fair

Midstate Meat Company and chef Bob Cooper took last year’s Illinois State Fair by storm with their Meat Man Parfait – layers of pulled pork, beef brisket and mashed potatoes in a plastic cup, topped with a dollop of potatoes, a drizzle of barbecue sauce and a cherry (tomato) on top.

This year, the members of the Midstate Meat team put their heads together to expand the fair menu and raise the bar for meat sundaes.

At this summer’s state fair in Springfield, expect to find the original Meat Man Parfait, its miniature version and the Rib Cocktail – a serving of cole slaw surrounded by ribs, much like a shrimp cocktail might look.

And for an extra kick, the team’s secret recipe, creamy horseradish sauce, will be served on the side.

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