Let Your Light Shine with Country Lights Soy Candles Let Your Light Shine with Country Lights Soy Candles

Let Your Light Shine with Country Lights Soy Candles

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Country Lights Soy Candles

Country Lights Soy Candles keep the fire burning.

Based in Leland, the Riskedal family began making hand-poured candles from a soy/petroleum mix as a hobby in 1999. They have since switched to 100 percent soy and today make more than 100 scents at their centennial farm.

Each 12-ounce jar candle comes with a single soybean on top, representing the family’s allegiance to farming. They also offer travel tins and votive candles, and partner with local FFA chapters for fundraising.

For a list of scents, ordering information and fundraising opportunities, visit countrylights.net or call (815) 495-3500.


  1. Rhonda Theurer says:

    I love these candles. They last long and smell good.

  2. Linda Jones says:

    Love these candles!!!

  3. Linda Jones says:

    Love these candles…

  4. Dixie Way says:

    I used to work out of the Farm Bureau building in Galesburg, IL. I bought candles for everyone in my family. Just found a box of them I packed away for later, that later has been over 8 years. I guess it pays to clean and reorganize.

  5. Cynthia O'Dear says:

    I love soy candles. Never heard of these. Hope to try them.

  6. Kathryn says:

    I’m always looking for locally produced items. Thanks for bringing them to light for us.

  7. Anne Hanch says:

    Love soy candles. The scent last longer.

  8. Ranae Buck says:

    I love buying local! Checking out the countrylights.net right now.

  9. Jeannine Petrow says:

    I just received my candles and one is broken will it be refunded or replaced because I open them and they smell great thanks

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