Illinois Farm Bureau: A Timeline

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Take a look back at the Illinois Farm Bureau’s important milestones over the years:

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Illinois Centennial

Photo by Illinois Farm Bureau Family of Farmers Archives

1916 – Farmers form the Illinois Agricultural Association (IAA), which is commonly known as Illinois Farm Bureau (IFB).
1925 – IFB organizes the Farmers Mutual Reinsurance Company to help spread the risk of insuring farm buildings for fire. This marks the start of offering insurance as a benefit to IFB members.

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  1. Bo Causey

    November 18, 2016 at 9:30 am

    Trying to find history of The Illinois farm supply plant in Tuscola built around 1954-1955 my dad Ed CAUSEY was the plant manager. It was one of the first pellitized fertilizer plants in the USA.
    We lived in Arthur, Ill 1954-1959.

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