Bloomington Gold Corvette Show in Champaign

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Bloomington Gold Corvette Show

June 25-27, Champaign

Car enthusiasts can make their way to Champaign this summer for the longest-running national Corvette event, the Bloomington Gold Corvette Show.

Hailed as one of the most innovative car shows in America, the Bloomington Gold event started many now-standard car show activities, such as Corvette auctions, swap meets, educational seminars and special museum-type displays. The event now attracts more than 4,000 of the classic cars, with more than 1,000 expected to take part in the GoldTour, a parade of Corvettes through the downtowns of Monticello and Champaign.

Find out more details about this year’s show at or (309) 888-4477.

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