Easter Dinner Recipes

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There are certain dishes that come to mind when you start planning out your Easter dinner. Ham seems like a given on most holiday tables. And then there are the traditional everybody-brings-a-dish potluck smorgasbord such as deviled eggs, potato salad and green beans. That’s a lot of deliciousness before we even get to the desserts.

So for your Easter dinner menu planning, consider these recipes – some of my favorite spring holiday dishes. From Coca-Cola Country Ham to potato salads, vegetables and pies, these recipes will please the whole family.

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Coca Cola Country Ham



Coca-Cola Country Ham

Ways to cook a country ham are as varied as the families that serve them. You can fry it, slice it, bake it, boil it in a bottle of Coca-Cola. In December 2001, Tennessee Home & Farm magazine published a recipe for Coca-Cola Country Ham. Ten years later, folks at the magazine are still getting phone calls, letters and emails requesting one of their favorite recipes. So here it is, just in time for your Easter dinner table.

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