Hear the Train Whistle Blow at Chicago’s Winter Flower and Train Show

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Model trains at the Winter Flower and Train Show

Watch model trains wind and weave through a small village of red, white and pink poinsettias during the Winter Flower & Train Show.

An old-fashioned steam engine, freight train and trolley are just a few of the several trains featured and on display at the show.

In addition to flowers, the trains will pass by several miniature Chicago-style homes and a variety of famous buildings, including the Chicago Theatre and the Chicago Water Tower Place. Everything in the village consists exclusively of natural materials.

The Lincoln Park Conservatory, the site of the show, provides year-round greenery and is home to several annual flower shows. The conservatory offers four display houses, including the Palm House, Fern Room, Orchid House and Show House.

The show is free and open to individuals of all ages. For more information, visit www.chicagoparkdistrict.com.

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